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Family Farms’ organic products

Family Farms is active in the field of organic and traditional products of high nutritional value and taste, in Greece and abroad. It was created by producers with the same ideas and vision, in terms of proper sustainable land management and processing of raw materials.

The goals of Family Farms

The production of agricultural products with special qualities and high nutritional value.
The production of agricultural products that have been processed as little as possible without preservatives or additives.
The development of innovative agricultural products that promote human health.

Our products

Family Farms offers organic and traditional table olives and olive oil products, bakery products, tomato sauces and ketchup, honey and bee products, unrefined hand-picked sea salt, organic herbs – herbal infusions and other organic products for everyday use.

Family Farms is continuously expanding into new products.

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Family Farms products display with Velouitinos plum olives and Astarti sea salt
Velouitinos organic Throumpa Thasou olives with Thyme

Table olives

Naturally processed table olives compose the primary product of Family Farms. We offer 5 different varieties, organic or traditional, green or black, with low salt content and different treatments that promote the nutritional value of the olive.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is the second most important product of Family Farms. The company has established high quality standards, aiming in the near future to become the “source” for quality olive oil. We have award winning organic olive oil from 3 different varieties and from different terroir.
Family Farms Organic Olive oil on food platter
Astarti organic rusk from whole grain wheat of the ancient Greek variety Dikokko

Double baked Rusks

By combining prime certified organic flours, unrefined sea salt and traditional Greek baking techniques, we produce 3 different types of double baked organic rusks with high nutritional values, with health and dietary claims.

Fleur de Sel

Unrefined sea salt is another quality product of Family Farms, a key component of a balanced daily diet. Our Fleur de Sel is collected by hand during the summer months after the influence of nature’s elements… sea, air, sun!
Family Farms unrefined Sea Salt from the island of Kythera

Other products and services

Family Farms also offers other organic and traditional products such as olive paste, tomato sauce and ketchup, honey and bee products etc. while continuously expanding into new products.

Family Farms provides private label (PL) services for specific products and for specific quantity deals.

Please feel free to contact us and ask for our price list!

"..we tried oil and honey. Everything is of super quality and fantastic taste! Honey is very smooth and the oil is full of flavour! Thanks again!"

Elena J. – Prague, Czech Republic

"Best olives I've ever had. Ask for the plum olives, my favorites!"

Dan – Bucharest, Romania

"When cooking I use your EVOO to top vegetable, fish or over cheese. The more I use it the better I appreciate the flavor."

Dave L – New Jersey, USA

“A very good early harvest EVOO with a nice colour and great taste.”

Kostas V – Thessaloniki, Greece

The team

The co-operating producers form the basis for the Family Farms team. We are proud of the ethical dimension of our partnership and we believe in collective efforts characterized by action. So far, the cooperating producers are:

Astarti Co.

Astarti Co.

Fully integrated family-run business of organic and traditional products, based on the island of Kythira. Pioneer in premium packaging of quality organic olive oil.



Fully integrated family-run business of table olives and olive oil production (organic and non-organic) from the island of Thassos. Pioneer in the natural processing and making of the famous table olives variety ‘Throuba’ Thassos with minimal salt.
Olea Tree

Olea Tree

A family-run business of table olives and olive oil production and processing based in Thessaloniki. The company also offers other Greek organic and non-organic agricultural products.


Fully integrated family business producing processed products from organic fresh fruits and vegetables.
Gardenias 9, Acharnes, 13678, Attiki, Greece

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